Pet Stain Removal and Odor Elimination

Pet stain removal can be difficult, unless you give us a call. We have perfected our pet urine and odor elimination process. Pet urine gets deep into your carpet and dries making it impossible for any over the counter spray to remove. Fortunately for you, we have all of the fancy tools to get the job done right, the first time.

Here is what you can expect from our pet stain and odor elimination process:

Pretreat – In this step, we will be introducing a very hot solution which will start to heat up and break down the urine salts and odor deposits lying deep within your carpet.

Dwell Time– This step is not very exciting, but it is very necessary. At this point the solution is working its magic, turning the solid urine salts into a liquid so we can extract it from your carpet.

Precision Extraction – This is where the real fun begins. At this point we break out our fancy equipment. Our precision extraction tool will remove the solution and all of the urine from your carpet.

Speed Dry – Just like with any of our cleaning, we will place an industrial air mover down to get your carpet as dry as possible before we leave.