Carpet Repair

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Our carpet repair experts can fix your damaged carpet with ease. No repair is too small because we understand that even the smallest blemish can be a big problem for a homeowner.  Our repair technicians are specially trained and always make sure that every customer is satisfied with the job before they leave. Pet damage, burned carpet, and bleach stains are some of most common types of damage that we repair. If you are unsure if the damage you have can be repaired or not, just give us a call and schedule a free inspection. Limited on time? No problem, you can text or email us a picture of the damaged area and we will let you know what kind of results you can expect. When your carpet repair is finished, we recommend having the area steam cleaned for a fresh like-new look.


Common Problems That Require Carpet Repair

Pet Damage / Ripped Or Torn Carpet

 The most common problem we run into is pet damaged carpet. This type of damage can be caused by an anxious dog, or promiscuous cat. In either case the carpet will most likely be ripped or torn. In most cases we can stretch and mend the carpet back together but in certain situations we would insert a matching piece in the damaged area.


This type of damage happens when something hot melts the carpet fibers. Occasionally the affected area can be trimmed off the top if the burn is not too bad. If the burn is more severe it  will need to be cut out and replaced with a matching piece of carpet. The shape of the burn does not make a difference in the repair.

Bleach Stains / Color Loss

With any type of color loss, certain colors are missing from your carpet. This can be corrected with either dye, or a replacement piece of carpet. Not only can bleach stains take the color out of the carpet, they can also damage the carpet by breaking down the backing. On severe bleach stains a color correction is not an option and the affected area would need to be replaced.

Carpet Pulling Away From Walls or Tile

Is your carpet pulling away from an edge? If so our carpet repair experts can stretch your carpet right back to where it was when it was installed. Sometimes the strips that hold your carpet in place can wear out and will need to be replaced as well.

Do you have a damaged area that is in need of carpet repair and are unsure if it can be repaired. We would love to see it! so give us a call and we will send a carpet repair expert out to look at it for free!